“Linking some of my cases in with Reset has added an extra element of support to help them resettle back into the community. Reset have provided an extra pair of hands to support my work with people who have a variety of different needs. This allows for an individualised, personal approach, with more time given to focus on what is important for them.

An example of Reset’s work is with one of my cases who has been in and out of prison for many years. The work Steve has done with them, from meeting them at the prison gate, accompanying them to appointments, to helping them complete forms, made a noticeable difference in their willingness to engage with other agencies of support.”

– Charlotte, Probation Officer

“It is very positive that service users are able to access Reset as an alternative source of advice and support that is not based in the statutory sector. The mentoring service provides a range of other options for the service users to consider. This empowers them in moving forward with their lives and encourages them to understand that others will support them and accept them for who they are.”

– Jo, Senior Probation Officer

“I feel that Reset provides consistent and considered support for a wide range of people, offering both mentoring and practical advice in a professional manner with a good understanding of boundaries in roles and encouraging pro-social behaviour.”

– Abby, Probation Officer

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