At Reset we are extremely lucky to have a wide range of mentors from lots of different backgrounds. All our mentors have their own personal experiences and expertise. Below you can find information about some of our current active mentors, which may help you make a decision about the kind of mentor you might want to work with.

Meet Julie

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I applied for a volunteer position in the community and at interview I was told about RESET and was very keen to be involved.

I had seen a teenage friend of my son struggle with mental health issues and being isolated and felt compassion for him. I felt RESET was a direct correlation, where I could help vulnerable people that faced challenges.

Being able to be in control of my duties as a mentor whilst at the same time having tremendous support from the Project Lead. When I help a mentee achieve something however small, the sense of satisfaction is enormous.

I am still learning about RESET day by day, but I would love for it to be a known household name like “cancer research”etc as a first point of call for support to ex-offenders and I would love to contribute to this.

Walk. Walk the dog, walk the downs, walk in all weathers and totally enjoy being with nature. This is my main passion. I also like to knit and read.

Ten years ago I died on a table in resusc for 50 minutes, but even that couldn’t get rid of me.

Meet Sarah

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A book came through my door and I saw Kenward Trust, so rang Steve.

I want to give back and help others.

You are always learning and I have an interest in people and also people deserve another chance, which I feel RESET gives them.

I hope that I can be a good mentor and help people.

I love to listen to CD’s, I am always in shops looking for CD’s! I love looking in charity shops and book shops for new books. I also love antiques.

I can play the drums!

Meet Lexi

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I was searching for an appropriate placement to go alongside my Masters studies – and I found Reset online and I thought the company was amazing and inspiring. Im interested in forensic psychology and I just dropped Kenward Trust an email and met with Steve and had my placement sorted straight away!

I’ve always been focused on working in prisons as well as working towards being an addiction counsellor, I thought Reset was the perfect place as it allows me to mentor people who are through the gate. It was really inspiring to see the work that reset do, I feel like it’s such an important charity as well because not many people understand the struggle that people go through when they are out of prison, and I am proud to say that I can support people into finding themselves in the community.

Everyone is so wonderful and friendly. Everyone is available for any questions or worries I may have and it is a very supportive network of people. It is extremely different to many other charities and the work is so rewarding.

I hope that Reset can continue to grow, use the skills to go into more prisons and call out to more offenders who need some guidance on the outside. I hope Reset can work together with police and probation to make sure the ‘ReCalled statistics’ go down.

I’m a very outgoing person. I used to be a professional ice skater and I have a degree in drama so in my spare time I like to go out and do both of those hobbies for fun. I’m sociable and enjoy seeing my friends for some shopping and coffee also.

I used to be a scare actor, this involved working in attractions across England. I was also nominated an award for creating my own live action escape room!

Meet Di

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My friend took the role of Project Lead and asked for my help and input.

Wanted something new and a new challenge.

Lots of things! You can fit it around your working week. Everything is new and it’s never boring.

That we start working with more people before release, as I feel this is the most effective way.

That would be telling!

I am training to be an auricular acupuncturist

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