No we do not, but we signpost and work alongside agencies that do offer accommodation.

We certainly will.

Yes we will.

We could assist you with registering with health care professionals (doctors, dentists etc) and your transport to and from appointments.

Yes we do, we have many volunteer mentors that come from a variety of backgrounds.

Yes we can, we have mentors with different skill sets and we also work alongside other agencies that specialise in this field e.g Ixion. We also can assist with CV writing, attending job interviews and helping you find courses that suit your needs.

Yes, support will continue until you no longer need it, or until you leave the Kent area.

The Project Manager, Stephen has worked in drug and alcohol services for over 4 years, has 5 years’ experience of working with offenders and has a degree in Criminal Justice.
We are available to listen, but if you find you need specialist support we can signpost you to a suitable professional.
Click here or call Stephen on 07475 521854.
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